Transgenic mice have emerged as powerful tools for use in biologic drug discovery based on their potential for producing fully human antibodies. Majority of the fully human antibodies approved to date in the U.S. have emerged from one or the other transgenic mice platform.
Harbour BioMed's biologic discovery programs are based on two proprietary, transgenic mouse platforms for generating human therapeutic antibodies. The platforms have broad potential for generating both conventional antibody therapeutics as well as the Next-Gen biologics that are affinity matured, fully human with excellent solubility and developability.

The transgenic mouse platforms are:

H2L2 mice generates traditional tetrameric antibodies comprised of two heavy chains and two light chains.

HCAb's patented technology generates novel "heavy chain only" antibodies, which are about half the size of a typical IgG. These antibodies carry IgG-like PK properties and Fc-domain functions without the need for additional engineering or humanization. Lack of light chain also minimizes the problem of light chain mispairing and heterodimerization These characteristics enable the development of products with attributes not achievable by conventional antibody platforms. In addition, various formats including single domain antibodies, bi- and multi-specifics, antibody-drug conjugates, CAR-Ts or VH domain-derived diagnostic or therapeutic products are also achievable using this platform.
Both of these platforms have significant potential to generate potential therapeutic antibodies and accelerate drug discovery and development which has been validated through more than 40 licenses to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies as well as academic institutions.

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